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Deco Underglazes

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Deco Underglazes are used by

  • professional ceramicists, potters
  • amateur hobbyists
  • primary schools
  • high schools
  • TAFE Colleges

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We have been manufacturing locally in Brisbane for 20 years.

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The Creation of Deco Colours by Marc Sauvage

Marc Sauvage is well known as both a potter and teacher. The 34 colours of the Deco Decorative Colours range are the boldest and brightest underglazes available, with every colour successfully firing to stoneware temperatures. Following is Marc's account of the development of the DECO range.

The creation of DECO colours was a slow, involved process instigated by a love of colour in ceramics and fuelled by my involvement with students as a TAFE teacher in the ceramics section at Southbank TAFE.

Colour in various forms was used daily with mixed results. The two main commercially available underglazes each presented difficulties. One brand was intensely coloured, but performed only to Earthenware temperatures with disappointing results at stoneware. The other brand performed well to Stoneware, whilst limited stain percentages reduced colour brilliance.

Read more: The Creation of Deco Colours by Marc Sauvage

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Deco Glazes in Use